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A Letter From The Audiologist

Hearing loss is more than just an ear issue, it is a quality of life and health issue- it has social, psychological, cognitive, and health consequences.  Research has shown that approximately one-third of people over the age of 65 are affected by hearing loss.  Those individuals have a fivefold increased risk of dementia, their risk of falling triples, and they are 32% more likely to be hospitalized.  Even a small improvement in hearing can have a significant impact on their ability to hear, and improve their overall quality of life.

Our staff of Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Specialists bring over 30 years of experience, providing a full range of services that includes:

Diagnostic audiological assessments, hearing instrument evaluations, fittings, programming, with ongoing cleaning and maintenance.  In addition to hearing aids we specialize in fitting assistive listening and alerting devices with the experience in fitting custom hearing protection.  We are also pleased to offer Sound Options tinnitus rehabilitation for those experiencing significant difficulty with tinnitus, and Central Auditory Processing (CAP) testing is also available.  

Professional Hearing Services would consider it a privilege to help you and/or any family or friends who may be suffering from hearing loss or at risk of developing it.  Be assured that anyone who comes to us will receive personalized, state-of-the-art treatment and ongoing care and education about their loss and treatment.

Our Mission Statement is “to improve the life of all those we meet through better hearing”

We would be pleased if you would consider contacting us to arrange a Full Hearing Evaluation for yourself or a family member who you think might benefit from it.  It is our  belief  that by experiencing our services first hand, we can demonstrate our value to you as we help you attain better hearing health and show you the potential of improving the quality of life through better hearing.

Thank you for taking the time to consider our invitation.  Please call us at one of our clinics listed in our Location menu to set up an appointment!

We look forward to meeting you!


Nav Balsara

Nav Balsara, M.Sc., Reg. CASLPO



1371 Neilson Road, Suite 317A
Scarborough, Ontario, M1B 4Z8
Phone: (416) 286-9800


601 Harwood Ave. South, Unit 106
Ajax, ON, L1S 2J5
Phone: (905) 428-7555


220 Dundas Street West, Suite 405
Whitby, ON L1N 8M7
Phone: (905) 666-8000


222 King St E, Suite 1103A
Bowmanville, ON L1C 1P6
Phone: (905) 623-1994


300 King Ave. East
Newcastle, ON, L1B 1J8
Phone: (905) 987-5252