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22 July 2021

Why There’s No Such Thing as Being “Too Young” for Hearing Loss

Why There’s No Such Thing as Being “Too Young” for Hearing Loss Julia Métraux Health Writer 14 April 2021 When Dr. Laura Pratesi, the 30-something founder and audiologist at Citrus Hearing Clinic in Florida, shows her patients her hearing aids, she is often told that she is “too young to have hearing […]

18 July 2021

Coping With Tinnitus – Tips, Techniques & Strategies

Tinnitus, the medical term for the perception of non-existent noise, often described as ringing in the ear, is a common symptom among vestibular patients and a difficult one to address. It’s also much more prevalent than most people realize. According to the US Centers for Disease Control, nearly 15% of […]

12 July 2021

Why Hearing Loss Increases Your Risk of Falling…And What To Do About it!

  Related Help Pages: HEALTH BENEFITS ASSISTIVE LISTENING DEVICES ALERTING DEVICES Why hearing loss increases your risk of falling, and what to do about it Contributed by Temma Ehrenfeld July 12, 2021 A growing body of research suggests that hearing loss contributes to falls. For older people, falls are a big fear. As we […]

05 July 2021

Is Hearing Healthcare Essential?

  By Brandon Sawalich Helen Keller famously said, “Blindness cuts us off from things, but deafness cuts us off from people.” Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic I have heard the question, “Are hearing aids essential?” When posing this question, I suggest taking out the word “aid” and asking it again: “Is hearing […]

02 July 2021

Delta Variant of COVID-19 May Cause Hearing Loss

The delta variant of COVID-19 causing India’s second wave of disease, is believed to be linked to symptoms not previously seen in COVID patients, according to an article on Bloomberg. Hearing impairment, blood clots leading to gangrene, and “severe gastric upsets,” are being seen by doctors in India, England, and Scotland, […]

27 June 2021

Protecting Hearing In A Noisy World

  With life, comes noise. From the chorus of weed whackers and lawn mowers in the summer months, to snowblowers and plows in the winter, these background noises form the soundtrack to our daily routines. Though it may be easy to tune out the constant screech of a subway train […]

25 June 2021

Hearing Preservation May Lead To Better Brain Health

We live in an era where people are increasingly concerned about protecting their brain health. Unfortunately, we also live in an era where our technology and daily habits are rewiring our brains in unhealthy ways. Experts agree that the modern lifestyle poses a serious risk to our gray matter, chipping […]

22 June 2021

8 Things Every Consumer Should Know About Hearing Loss

8 Things Every Consumer Should Know About Hearing Loss Below are eight factors that consumers confront when considering their hearing loss—and some solid reasons why they should visit your practice. (Hearing Review gives permission to reuse/revise the following copy as part of your marketing efforts.) 1) The good news: Just about any […]

18 June 2021

Hearing Loss In Older People Can be Prevented While Young

  A new model by University of Manchester researchers has proposed a way to prevent hearing loss in older people by addressing socioeconomic inequalities encountered while young, according to an article posted on the university’s website. Published in Trends in Hearing the team hope the model could impact on the estimated 466 million […]

15 June 2021

Brain Synchronization Could Help Treat Tinnitus

Most of the time, our brain receives different input from each of our ears, but we nevertheless perceive speech as unified sounds. This process takes place through synchronization of the areas of the brain involved with the help of gamma waves, neurolinguists at the University of Zurich (UZH) have now […]