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Hearing Facts

  • The ear consists of three main parts: the outer, middle and inner ear.  The location of damage or dysfunction determines what type of loss someone has.
  • There are three types of hearing loss:
    •   Conductive loss  occurs when the outer or middle ear is not able to transmit sound waves to the inner ear as efficiently as before.   This could be due to significant wax build up or fluid in the middle ear.
    • Sensorineural loss occurs when the inner ear or auditory pathway in the brain is not able to transmit or interpret sound.  This could be due to damage to the auditory nerve or the inner ear ( cochlea).
    • Mixed loss is a combination of both of the above.
  • Long term exposure to loud noise can have a negative impact on hearing even several years later.
  • People frequently experience more hearing loss in higher frequency or pitch ranges.
  • The ideal distance between speakers to understand conversation is 10 feet or less.
  • Even people with normal hearing may experience difficulty hearing people in noisy environments or at a distance.
  • Hearing loss is the third most common chronic disorder, affecting 500 million people worldwide.



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