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13 December 2018

Temporary Deafness and Temporary Tinnitus

If you have been exposed to a particularly loud sound, for example, a rifle  a disco or fireworks or working around loud noise, you may often experience dullness of hearing or tinnitus, or both, immediately afterwards.  Provided you don’t let yourself get into a state of great anxiety about it, […]

12 December 2018

Marvelous Monday!!

Call us today and book your free Marvel consultation ! It is incredibly multifunctional , and has all the latest technology to better assist you with your hearing!  An added bonus is they are rechargeable, no more batteries and better for the environment.  We can’t say enough great things about […]

08 December 2018

Our annual staff Holiday Dinner!

What a fun night with the team!  Every year we all gather to celebrate the Holiday season.  This year we had our lovely gathering at Spicy Affairs in Oshawa. The food was simply amazing!  Even Nave was there with us to celebrate!  Thank you to all of our wonderful clients […]

07 December 2018

Nave is hard at work

Nave is working hard booking your appointments for the new year!Make sure to call and book your 2019 hearing test!1-833-805-1470

07 December 2018

Happy Friday!

Have you had your hearing checked lately?  You should have a hearing test at least once every two years.  Just like a vision test or a dental cleaning, it is always good to keep track of your health and hearing health is important as well!  Your health can affect your […]

04 December 2018

Look who’s back!

Welcome back Nave!  It looks like we are going to have some more December fun this year!  He is already into the Christmas candy !

04 December 2018

Tuesdays Tips and Facts!

The cochlea is shaped like a snails shell.   It is full of tiny hair cells and fluid that pick up on the eardrum’s vibrations and set signals to your brain.  Your brain then turns them into something you can understand:

04 December 2018

The New Marvel Technology is Simply Marvelous!

Our manufacturers at Phonak have just launched the newest and best hearing aid so far!  Introducing the new Marvel Hearing Aid! So what is it about the new Marvel that makes it the best ?   AutoSense OS 3.0 The newest generation of the proprietary Phonak technology recognizes and automatically […]



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