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15 June 2021

Brain Synchronization Could Help Treat Tinnitus

Most of the time, our brain receives different input from each of our ears, but we nevertheless perceive speech as unified sounds. This process takes place through synchronization of the areas of the brain involved with the help of gamma waves, neurolinguists at the University of Zurich (UZH) have now […]

10 June 2021

10 Signs Of Hearing Loss

Aging is hard on ears. Everything from loud concerts and sports stadium crowds to chemicals in cigarette smoke and cleaning agents can kill the thousands of tiny hair cells in your inner ear, which are responsible for transforming sound waves into nerve signals that the brain interprets as speech or […]

09 June 2021

Tips For Living With Tinnitus

In the fall of 2006, I traveled to Beijing on a reporting assignment. The smog got so thick during the week of my visit that flights were delayed, sections of three expressways were closed, outdoor school activities were canceled, and buildings across the street from my hotel were visible only […]

03 June 2021

How Hearing Loss Impacts Relationships

One day not long ago my staff had gone home and my office was closed, but a patient we’ll identify as Mrs. Thunder walked in. Her hearing aid was not working. So I invited her to have a seat in the waiting room while I took the aid back to […]

31 May 2021

Raising Awareness on the Effect of Workplace Noise

QUEBEC CITY, May 3, 2021 /CNW Telbec/ – Each year, hearing loss significantly impacts quality of life for a number of workers and their loved ones. Lobe, which is one of the largest networks of multidisciplinary hearing health clinics, wants to heighten popular awareness about the importance of preventive hearing screenings. As […]

25 May 2021

WHO Estimates A Rise In Hearing Loss By 2050

Nearly 2.5 billion people worldwide ─ or 1 in 4 people ─ will be living with some degree of hearing loss by 2050, warns the World Health Organization’s (WHO) first World Report on Hearing, released today. At least 700 million of these people will require access to ear and hearing […]

20 May 2021

Coping With Tinnitus

The unrelenting “phantom” buzzing, ringing, clicking, or other sounds described by people experiencing tinnitus symptoms can range from mild to insufferable, and can arise seemingly overnight, with little advance warning. The symptoms are often accompanied by hearing loss. According to the American Tinnitus Association (ATA), some 50 million people in the United […]

17 May 2021

Seven Facts About Hearing Loss You May Not Know!

Studies show that as many as 1 in 5 Canadians need a hearing aid but don’t wear one. In an effort to raise awareness, the World Hearing Organization (WHO) celebrates World Hearing Day that takes place annually on March 3rd. In honour of this day, we are excited to bust some myths and […]

10 May 2021

Hearing Test News For Older Adults!

Eighty percent of Americans over 50 say their primary care doctor hasn’t asked about their hearing in the past two years, and nearly 77% haven’t had their hearing checked by a professional in that same time, according to a new national poll report. That’s despite a growing body of evidence […]

03 May 2021

Research Shows Turning Down Music Won’t Impact Your Fitness Routine!

Turning down the music at your fitness classes won’t affect the intensity of your workout, researchers say. It’s common for fitness instructors to crank up the volume — sometimes to levels loud enough to damage hearing — because they think it will help students work harder. But researchers at the […]