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23 September 2018

Hearing Facts

The ear consists of three main parts: the outer, middle and inner ear.  The location of damage or dysfunction determines what type of loss someone has. There are three types of hearing loss:   Conductive loss  occurs when the outer or middle ear is not able to transmit sound waves to […]

21 September 2018

Friday is Here!!

Have a wonderful weekend!  Call us and book your hearing evaluation! 1-833-805-1470

17 September 2018

For the love of Rock Concerts

I hate to break it to you, and I love a great concert myself, but they can damage your hearing permanently if you’re not careful! Sitting in front of the speakers at a rock concert can expose your ears to 120 decibels!  That is enough noise to  damage  your hearing […]

14 September 2018

Happy Friday!

Its been a great week here at Professional Hearing Services, but we always welcome the weekend as well! Have a great weekend everyone!  Remember to call us Monday and book your hearing evaluation 1-833-805-1470

13 September 2018

We are totally committed to serving your needs

Serving our customers is our number one priority here at Professional Hearing Services.  Here we will take care of all your needs! House call services- if you are unable to leave your residence or have special needs, contact us about our house call service. Comprehensive hearing aid cleaning- to help […]

12 September 2018

Why switch to Rechargeable Hearing Aids? Here’s Why:

  Here are just some of the many reasons to go rechargeable! Did we mention we give an ECO discount when you purchase the rechargeable hearing aids? NEW!!! WSIB now covers the rechargeable hearing aids!  Are you due for new? Call us today and book an appointment   1-833-805-1470  

07 September 2018

It’s Friday!!!!

Have an awesome weekend!  Don’t forget to book your hearing evaluation at one of our 5 locations! Happy Friday

05 September 2018

What is a CROS system?

For users who want to hear sound from both sides but have one ear that cannot benefit from a hearing aid. Consisting of two parts: A microphone that fits on the ear that cannot benefit from a hearing aid.  This transmits sound from one side to the other hearing ear. […]



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