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30 January 2020

Why Regular Hearing Evaluations Are So Important

Regular hearing tests protect your quality of life for years to come. Like the old song said, ” You don’t know what you got til it’s gone.” That is certainly true for your hearing! While we take for granted that our hearing will deteriorate as we get older, that’s not […]

29 January 2020

Our New Rechargeable Hearing Aids!

Rechargeable Hearing Aids Help the environment and save on the cost of batteries.  Rechargeable hearing aids are available in the behind-the-ear style- Wear for 24 hours on a full 3 hour charge Wear for 6 hours on a 30 minute charge Rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts over 4 years ( approx […]

28 January 2020

Can I sleep with my hearing aids on?

Can I sleep with my hearing aids on? To answer this question in the simplest form, no, you should not sleep with your hearing aids. Creating feedback A hearing aid that fits behind the ear has microphones that are positioned in the hearing aid housing behind the ear. When you […]

24 January 2020

Happy Friday!

We love Friday, do you know what else we love?  Helping people hear better!  Call us today (or monday) and  book a hearing test with us. Don’t forget about your hearing healthcare, it is just as important as your eyes, or teeth.  It can be easy to forget about until […]

23 January 2020

Professional Hearing Services

Did you know 1 in 10 Canadians are affected by hearing loss?           Hearing loss is very common, it affects 1 in 10 Canadians and if left unchecked will substantially reduce the quality of the lives of those with the loss and their loved ones.  Studies have […]

22 January 2020

Here Are Some Hearing Loss Facts You Can’t Ignore

Hearing loss is often  caused by long exposure to loud noise. Once hearing is lost it doesn’t come back on its own. The human hearing mechanism inside the ear is delicate, sensitive and easily damaged. Hearing loss is cumulative- it gets worse over time. Hearing loss can have a negative […]

21 January 2020

Why You Shouldn’t Use Cotton Swabs

When it comes to your ears, cotton swabs are not your friend. You’ve heard it before, don’t play with matches, don’t run with scissors, and don’t put anything larger than your elbow into your ear. Why is it then, that thousands of Canadians puncture an eardrum annually by using cotton […]

17 January 2020

Why Choose Rechargeable Technology?

It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing, rechargeable technology is here to simply your life, putting you back in charge. Hearing that keeps up with your lifestyle. Take back control of your hearing and your life with a dependable, clear-sounding hearing aid. We have a fit for […]



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