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27 June 2019

Your ears can tell when you are in motion

It’s true! Your ears know when you are moving!  The ear canals and organs in the inner ear have tiny sensors that notify your brain of your activity.  If you are moving , sitting still or going up or down. This is also how your ears help you with your […]

26 June 2019

Why come to us?

Why Come To Us? Why Professional Hearing Services? We offer: Very experienced licensed and regulated Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Specialists, who have been with PHS for a number of years. Complete Audiology Evaluation including Central Auditory Processing tests. Tinnitus consultation and rehabilitation. Minimum 30 day trial period for hearing instruments […]

25 June 2019

10 Fun Facts about Hearing

The smallest bones are the ossicles in the middle ear: the Incus, the Malleus, and the Stapes ( also called the Anvil, Hammer and Stirrup) The inner ear is the circumference of a pencil eraser. Your sense of hearing depends on tiny hairs deep inside your ear.  If you lose […]

24 June 2019

The New Marvel Technology is Simply Marvelous!

Our manufacturers at Phonak have just launched the newest and best hearing aid so far!  Introducing the new Marvel Hearing Aid! So what is it about the new Marvel that makes it the best ?   AutoSense OS 3.0 The newest generation of the proprietary Phonak technology recognizes and automatically […]

21 June 2019

Happy Friday!!

Have a wonderful and sunny warm weekend! Call us Monday and book your yearly hearing evaluation.  Let us help you take care of your hearing health. We have five locations to serve you better, Newcastle  1-905-987-5252 Bowmanville  1-905-623-1994 Whitby  1-905-666-8000 Ajax  1-905-428-7555 Scarborough 1-416-286-9800  

20 June 2019

Rocks in your ears!

Did you know your inner ear has rocks in it? They’re tiny crystals, and if they move out of place you can feel dizzy and like your head is spinning! This is called Vertigo.  It can happen for many reasons, for instance hitting your head, a migraine , ear surgery, […]

19 June 2019

Some Facts You Can’t Ignore!!

Hearing loss is caused by long exposure to loud noise. Once hearing is lost it doesn’t come back on its own. The human hearing mechanism inside the ear is delicate, sensitive and easily damaged. Hearing loss can have a negative impact on personal relationships.  Isolating you from loved ones, friends, […]

18 June 2019

Temporary Deafness and Temporary Tinnitus

If you have been exposed to a particularly loud sound, for example, a rifle  a disco or fireworks or working around loud noise, you may often experience dullness of hearing or tinnitus, or both, immediately afterwards.  Provided you don’t let yourself get into a state of great anxiety about it, […]

17 June 2019

It’s Marvelous Monday!

Did you hear about our successful Demo day in our Bowmanville office?  It was a great day and we had the chance to book a lot of free Demos for our new amazing Marvel hearing aids.  However we had such a high demand that we have added a second date! […]

16 June 2019

Happy Father’s Day!!

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing people who take on the  important role of fatherhood in all its forms!



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