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18 April 2019

The lovely sounds of Spring!

The Sounds of Spring can Test Your Hearing         Spring has sprung and some of our favorite sounds in nature have emerged from hibernation! And did you know that listening for these sounds can actually be one way to test your hearing and/or hearing aid? Can you […]

16 April 2019

Tuesday Tips and Facts

Ears are self cleaning The earwax inside your ears is actually made up or a combination of oil, sweat and dead skin cells.  Earwax forms a barrier inside your ear canal and it helps to keep your ears clean.  The earwax is sticky by design so it will trap debris […]

15 April 2019

Monday can be Marvelous!

Have you asked about the new Phonak Marvel hearing aids yet?  You don’t want to miss the opportunity to hear all the amazing technology these new hearing aids have!  Not to worry though they are easy to use and come with a awesome  app from Phonak that is compatible with […]

12 April 2019

Happy Friday!

Always a great day! We wish you lots of fun on this Spring weekend! Don’t forget to call us Monday to make your appointment at one of our 5 locations!  Newcaslte, Bowmanville, Whitby , Ajax and Scarborough! We offer hearing evaluations, consultations, hearing aids and other listening devices. As well […]

11 April 2019

When wearing your hearing aids for the first time:

You may notice sounds that you could not hear before, including the sound of your own voice or background noise. For a period of time, these sounds may seem louder than you are used to because you are no longer accustomed to hearing them.  This is normal and you will […]

10 April 2019

Free Consultation

Have you booked your free consultation yet?  If you want to find out all the amazing things the new Marvel hearing aid has to offer, call and make an appointment today!  We would love to show you this new technology.  It is a multi functional hearing aid that adjusts itself […]

09 April 2019

Tuesdays Tips and Facts!

 Earlobes are constantly growing There are only two types of earlobes, attached or detached. This is all the result of genetics. Your earlobes will never stop growing, regardless what genetics provided you with. Another interesting fact about earlobes is that scientists aren’t really sure why we have them (but some […]

08 April 2019

We have the newest technology waiting for you!

Here at Professional Hearing Services we are always keeping up to date with hearing technology.  We now have the new amazing Marvel Hearing Aids from Phonak.  These are multi- functional and easy to use.  They connect to any blue tooth device and you can say good-bye to batteries!  We have […]

05 April 2019

Happy Friday!

Wishing you all another great weekend! Give us a call to book your full hearing evaluation and/or a free consultation about our new Marvel hearing aids.  You will be amazed at how many functions they have to offer. Marvel hearing aids are compatible with bluetooth technology and can connect to […]

04 April 2019

Have you visited our Newcastle Location yet?

We have been open in our Newcastle location now for just over a year!  It is Nav’s (the owner and one of our Audiologists) home town.  Newcastle is a great little community with lots to offer everyone. We have the new fabulous “Marvel” hearing aids available.  These are the newest […]



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