Hearing Solutions

State -of-the-art solutions to fit your needs.

Hearing Solutions

As with most electronic equipment, technology to address hearing impairments is now state-of-the-art, incredibly sophisticated, and highly effective. At the same time, some hearing problems can be solved with very simple assistive devices. We’ll find the appropriate solution to fit your individual needs based on comprehensive audiological testing combined with our professional assessment.

We offer a wide range of hearing aid technologies and assistive devices. For more information about these products, visit our supplier links below:

Featured Products

  Marvel Hearing Aids

The New Marvel Hearing Aids!! A Multi Functional Miracle for hearing aid users!

TV Connector                                                                                                         

Roger Table Mic

Roger Pen

TV link

Audéo B

Bolero V

Virto V

Clarity XL45 Speakerphone with Caller ID & Incoming (50db) & Outgoing (15db) Amplification.

Product # 54500

The XL45 features digital clarity power technology that enhances audio performance and quality to equal that of high end digital hearing aids. It amplifies up to 50db and is the most effective and intelligent amplification available.

Hear clearly by minimizing background noise and amplifies the human voice only.

Eliminate feedback and distortion, allowing for full amplification all the time if needed.

Amplifies soft & loud sounds differently to enable comfortable & clear conversations at any volume.

Clarity Expandable Amplified (50+db) Incoming & Outgoing (15db) Talking & Visual Caller ID Speakerphone

Product # XLC3-4

Real simple & real clear & feature rich.

The XLC3-4 is ideal for those with hearing, sight and mobility problems.

Expandable up to 4 handsets (for a total of 5).

The large back lit buttons on the talking dial pad & the loud powerful 50+db amplification & the talking & visual caller id & the option for amplifiying outgoing volume combine to provide a perfect solution for those that require a solution for multiple areas of challenge.

Serene TV95 TV-Direct TV Listening System “On-the-Shoulder Lighthweight Hands-free”

Product # TV95CLAM

The serene lightweight TV95 tv listening system allows you to comfortably hear everything without disturbing others.

Your friends and family will be very grateful.

There is *** no pressure point *** in the ears allowing for a relaxed tv listening experience.

The sleek, modern, on the shoulders design is attractive & unobtrusive.

Extremely comfortable. Long battery life on full charge.

Serene Hearing Aid Dryer & Refreshener with a Hearing Aid Battery Tester

Product # DB100DRYER

New on the market.

The DB100 renew is a hassle free, easy to open, dryer & refreshener with no chemicals or desiccants.

The db100 dryer chamber temperature stays constant at 45 degree c when active.

This unit includes a hearing aid battery tester. Don’t waste money throwing away batteries. Test them first and get the longest battery life possible.


    Don’t let a hearing problem prevent you or a loved one from enjoying life to the fullest!


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