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13 April 2021

Free Consultation

Have you booked your free consultation yet?  If you want to find out all the amazing things the new Paradise hearing aid has to offer, call and make an appointment today!  We would love to show you this new technology.  It is a multi functional hearing aid that adjusts itself […]

08 April 2021

Our new sign at our Ajax office!

We are celebrating over 15 years in our Ajax location.  May is better hearing month and we would like to offer you a free hearing test!  Call one of our 5 locations to book your free hearing test for May, or you can request an appointment right on our website: […]

07 April 2021

Hearing aid technology is constantly improving

Hearing aid technology is constantly improving.  Phonak Marvel hearing aids deliver excellent sound quality; and they can be adjusted remotely if you’d prefer to stay home. Did you know the Marvel hearing aids are also rechargeable? This is a better option for those who find the small batteries hard to […]

01 April 2021

Can I sleep with my hearing aids on?

Can I sleep with my hearing aids on? To answer this question in the simplest form, no, you should not sleep with your hearing aids. Creating feedback A hearing aid that fits behind the ear has microphones that are positioned in the hearing aid housing behind the ear. When you […]

31 March 2021

Relaxation Exercises for Tinnitus

To help relieve the tension in your body, you can use simple relaxation exercises that involve training your body to relax.  You can read about such exercises in books, listen to them on audiotapes, or often best learn how to do them at relaxation exercise classes, whichever you prefer. Your […]

30 March 2021

Experience the beautiful sound of Paradise

We are excited to introduce Phonak’s newest and best technology yet!  Equipped with all new Hardware, Motion Sensor, Tap Control and its Rechargeable!  We invite you to book an appointment at any of our 5 locations to experience a free demonstration with us.  Call us today 1-833-805-1470 Professional Hearing Services […]

26 March 2021

Happy Friday!

Here is a little funny to start your weekend!                 We have five locations to serve you better! Professional Hearing Services of Newcastle Phone 1-905-987-5252 Bowmanville Hearing Services Phone 1-905-623-1994 Professional Hearing Services of Whitby Phone 1-905-666-8000 Professional Hearing Services of Ajax Phone […]

23 March 2021

Helping Prevent the Spread!

Here at Professional Hearing Services we are taking precautions in all our offices now that we have reopened all our locations. Together we still need to remain diligent in reducing the spread of COVID-19 , especially with the new rapid spreading variants.  We are still able to service all of […]

18 March 2021

Some Helpful Tips on Social Distancing with Hearing Loss

Here are some helpful tips on social distancing when you have a hearing loss. Hearing loss already has its own challenges but now with social distancing and Mandatory masks , it can be even more of a challenge. We can help you by , adjusting your hearing aids, connect your […]