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18 January 2019

Friday Fun!

Wishing you a fabulous weekend!  Don’t forget to call us and book your new year hearing evaluation! 1-833-805-1470

11 January 2019

Fun Fact Friday!

Did you know that the Moth has the most sensitive hearing?  Far more sensitive than a dog. This incredible insect can hear frequencies up to 300 kilohertz- about 100 times higher than some bats.  Dogs can hear up to approximately 60 kilohertz, and humans only up to 20.

09 January 2019

December Review Us Winner!!

Congratulations Cindi Gray!! You are the winner of our monthly “Review us ” draw! We will be in touch shortly with your $50. Boston Pizza gift card! To enter our draw scroll to the bottom page of our website and click on the Review us button , or you can […]

09 January 2019

Message From The Owner

Price is soon forgotten, but quality lives on.  It is curious how we are blinded by the pace of change these days.  Anyone whose mother darned their socks or patched their jeans remembers that quality makes a difference.  But in a throw-away world of dispose,  not repair, it’s easy to […]

07 January 2019

Happy Friday!

Have you had your hearing checked lately?  You should have a hearing test at least once every two years.  Just like a vision test or a dental cleaning, it is always good to keep track of your health and hearing health is important as well!  Your health can affect your […]

04 January 2019

First Friday of 2019!!

We hope you had a fabulous 2018 and wish you an even better 2019! Start the new year off with a health check! Call us and book a hearing test today. We are always hear to serve you better! 1-833-805-1470

03 January 2019

Cognitive Decline

More than 5 million Americans live with Alzheimer’s disease. Hearing loss is a sudden or gradual change in how well you can hear.  Hearing loss is one of the most common conditions in older adults.  As we get older, we are also more at risk for dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, […]

01 January 2019

Happy New Year!!!!

Fantastic things are going to happen in 2019! We have some amazing new technology we are excited to tell you about. Start 2019 off right, call us and book a free consultation , you won’t regret it! 1-833-805-1470 Wishing you and your family and friends all the best in this […]

25 December 2018

Merry Christmas

Wishing you all a warm and wonderful holiday season. From our family to yours  Professional Hearing Services 

21 December 2018

Stealing our chocolates!

We found Nave right into the chocolates this morning , not a good breakfast choice but it’s that time of year! Of course we always like to share too silly elf! Have a safe and Happy Holiday!



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