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18 February 2020

Technology and your hearing

Today’s technological advancements mean your hearing aids can be surprisingly comfortable and discrete.  We offer a wide variety of hearing aids, including the latest in digital technology.  You will be custom fit with quality hearing aids that will meet your hearing loss needs as well as provide personal comfort. These […]

14 February 2020

Happy Valentines Day

Fall in love with all the sounds of life.  We recommend a regular full hearing evaluation every 1-2 years.  Just like dental or vision appointments, its important to stay on top of your hearing health.  It is much easier to help with a hearing loss if you catch it early […]

13 February 2020

Did you know we have Financial Assistance Available?

We want to make sure hearing aids are available to everyone who needs them!   Government: The Ontario government funds the Assistive Devices Program, through which any resident with a valid health card who requires a hearing aid will be given $500 per ear every 5 years towards hearing aids. […]

10 February 2020

Our Refer a Friend Program!

Did you know that if you refer a friend and they visit one of our 5 locations for a hearing test you get a $20 Tim Hortons card? Visit one of our offices or tell a friend!  We would be happy to help you, your family and friends, with all […]

07 February 2020

Happy Friday!

Have a wonderful weekend! Call us Monday and book your yearly hearing evaluation.  Let us help you take care of your hearing health. We have five locations to serve you better, Newcastle  1-905-987-5252 Bowmanville  1-905-623-1994 Whitby  1-905-666-8000 Ajax  1-905-428-7555 Scarborough 1-416-286-9800  

06 February 2020

Free Consultation

Have you booked your free consultation yet?  If you want to find out all the amazing things the new Marvel hearing aid has to offer, call and make an appointment today!  We would love to show you this new technology.  It is a multi functional hearing aid that adjusts itself […]

05 February 2020

Outer, Middle and Inner Ear

    The cochlea is shaped like a snails shell.   It is full of tiny hair cells and fluid that pick up on the eardrum’s vibrations and set signals to your brain.  Your brain then turns them into something you can understand:     Call one of our 5 locations […]

04 February 2020

Guess What Time It Is??? Time For a Hearing Test!!

It is so important to keep up with your yearly hearing evaluations the same way you would get a check up at the Doctors or have your eyes tested!  If you catch a potential problem early on, it’s often easier to diagnose and treat, with a higher success rate. To […]

03 February 2020

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is the experience of hearing a sound coming from within one or both of your ears, or your head.  It is often described as a ringing, buzzing, or whistling noise.  It is usually due to a minor disorder of your hearing system and is often associated with aging  or […]

31 January 2020

Fabulous Friday

Happy Friday everyone! It’s the last day of January and the days are starting to get just a bit longer.  We are excited to share all of our new technology with you.  Did you know we do free demonstrations?  No commitment needed , call us to book an appointment so […]



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